Human Rights Activists Monitors the situation of Discharged Former Maoist Combatant

  November 8, 2016 By: INSEC


The human rights activists have monitored the situation of discharged former Maoist combatant on November 9 after they were arrested by the police on the morning of November 9 from Maoist Central Office.

The activists have found them in a normal situation however some of the ex-combatant claimed that the police have used unnecessary force on them.

Lenin Bista, chairperson of discharged liberation army Nepal said those former women combatants were misbehaved by the police administration during a clash.  He added that they were beaten, arrested, touched in sensible parts and misbehaved by the police. He claimed that police used unnecessary force on a peaceful protest.

Retaliating the method used by police to arrest them, Lenin said that “we want peaceful protest. We had children with us and we surrendered, otherwise accident might have happened.” He added that “where is the honor for us for the contribution we did on establishing republican state”.

With seven points demand, the discharged ex-Maoist combatants have been staging protest at Maoist central office in Paris Dada from November 8 along with their children.

According to the monitoring team, 84 combatant including 48 male, 29 female and seven children were sent to Mahendra Police Club. Similarly, in Metropolitan Police Circle of Durbamarg, 10 male, seven female and three children were kept. In Baneshwor, five male, nine female and nine children were kept and in Koteshwor 12 female and five children were kept after controlling them.

The monitoring team included Human Rights Activists Charan Prasai, INSEC mid-regional coordinator Krishna Gautam, Bimal Chandra Sharma of INSEC central office, INSEC Kathmandu district representative Bibek Dhungana and representatives from various rights organizations.

The discharge ex-Maoist combatant have been staging protest with various demands including removal of “disqualified” word, their proper honor, National felicitation, their reestablishment and many other.


Vibek Dhungana