House passes Criminal Code 2074

  August 10, 2017 By: INSEC

The Legislature-Parliament meeting has passed the long-awaited Criminal Code 2074 on Wednesday according to the source from RSS.

The Parliament brought the new code in order to update the criminal law which was earlier based on the amendment of Civil Code-2021.

After the Code is certified by the President, it would come into effect from coming August 17.

With the introduction of new Criminal Code, the traditional social practice of Chhaupadi (a social ill prevalent in the mid and far-western region of Nepal- exclusion of women from family during menstruation, by taking shelter in shed) would be criminalized.

Those forcing woman to take refuge in shed during the period would now be punished with three month’s jail term and fine.

Five bills including the criminal code have been presented in the Parliament replacing the Civil Code-2021.

The Criminal Code was finalised with rigorous discussion for five months.

The Code has also criminalised those involved in making anyone disappear, seizing public land and match fixing.

The Parliament meeting also passed the Criminal Code Work Procedure Bill-2074. Meanwhile, a discussion in principle has been held on health insurance bill-2074. The next meeting of the Parliament has been scheduled for 1 pm tomorrow.

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