Hospital tensed after the death of pregnant woman

  March 1, 2018 By: INSEC

Gajendra Narayan Singh Zonal Hospital of Saptari is tensed since the morning of March 1 after a pregnant woman Anita Yadav, 24 of Bishnupur Rural Municipality-1 died during labor.

The acquaintances of the victim are claiming that she died due to the negligence of doctors involved in her treatment. The protestors burned tyres and obstructed the services of the hospital causing difficulties to other patients.

The victim was rushed to the hospital after having labor pain on the night of February 27 however she died without getting health services as her doctor Dilip Kumar Shah was not t the hospital.

The incident is under investigation and dialogue between the victim’s party and hospital administration is going on.

Manohar Kumar Pokhrel