Honesty needed for clean election: Stakeholders

  June 15, 2017 By: INSEC

The speakers at the interaction program on Human Rights and Election organized by CCCE in Hariban of Sarlahi district on June 14 stressed that the political parties and candidates must adopt patience in order to make election clean and discipline.

Speaking at the program, CCCE co-chair and INSEC chairperson Subodh Raj Pyakurel condemned about the incident of cordoning and beating polling officers by the cadres of RJP as it is a wrong way to demand.

In the program, CCCE co-chair and HURON chairperson Indra Aryal stressed on adopting patience by candidate, observation and media personnel during the election.

Dr Rajesh Ahiraj, expert on Madhesi affairs, said that there is an important role of intellectuals to make election clean, fair and fearless. Journo Aman Koirala said that the election will be fair if the voters are aware.

Leader of social society, Ugra Kanta Jha said that election can be fair and clean only if the leaders from the political parties lead their party with honesty. He added that the observers also must do their observation with honesty.

Shiva Chandra Chaudhary, leader of civil society  also said that all parties, leaders and  observers must show their honesty  for the fair and fearless election.

Representative of Third Alliance from Sarlahi, Mukesh Mishra, said that election will be fair if the financial irregularities during the election is stopped. He added that conducting election is always challenge.

Chairperson Rajesh Paswan of Dalit Utthan Federation said that voters education and code of conduct is essential for the clean election. In the program social worker Bhawani Koirala, representative Chet Bahadur Magar of amnest international, Amiri Lal Chaudhary of Tharu Walefare, teacher Jaya Shanker shah stressed on effective observation for clean election.


Santosh Kumar Singh