Hearing of Krishna Prasad Adhikari’s case Postponed

  June 3, 2018 By: INSEC

The hearing of Krishna Prasad Adhikari murder case has been postponed for August 5. According to the information officer Keshav Paudel of District Court of Chitwan, a bench of District Court judge Kul Prasad Sharma had given the information regarding the postponement.

Prior to this, the court had summoned plaintiff Noor Prasad Adhikari for the statement. However, he is out of contact till the date.

A complaint was lodged by the father Nanda Prasad Adhikai at District Police Office of Chitwan in 2004, June 6 against the murder of his son Krishna Prasad Adhikari. After one and half years, an FIR was lodged by the Krishna Prasad’s brother Noor Prasad Adhikari against 13 people.

Deependra Adhikari