Hearing Impaired students facing difficulties due to delay in construction

  October 9, 2018 By: INSEC

The hearing impaired students are facing difficulties after the delay in construction of boarding building especially being made for them.

The  school building of Bhuwaneshwori Secondary School  is under construction at Pyuthan Municipality-1, Khaira from the last two years . The building could not be constructed on time due to the apathy shown by the concerned authority on its completion. The premises of the infrastructure have been surrounded by the grasses.

This building was under construction in support from Urban Development and building construction division for the hearing impaired students from the last three years.

Teacher Ghaneshwor Pokhrel said that due to the delay on completion, students with hearing impaired are facing difficulties and were compelled to sit with other students keep in a same room. City Mayor Arjun Kumar Kaksyapati of Pyuthan Municipality said that the municipality will initiate for the completion on construction of the school.

In this school there are 32 students having hearing impaired which also includes nine girl students.


Rabindra Pandey