Piles of Complaints from inmates and detainees of Lamjung prison

  May 23, 2017 By: INSEC

The inmates and detainees of Lamjung prison complained that there has been a problem on distribution of shoes that they have produced inside the prison.

While interacting with INSEC district representative, the inmates and detainees said that they do not have any problem on selling and distributing chairs and tables that they have produced but selling shoes is the problem that they are facing.

Raju Pariyar, 32, doing a jail term said that shoes are produced inside the prison however there is a problem of selling it. He added that he is demotivated after the shoes could not penetrate the market.

Jailer Kaji Man Sunar said that all parties have been requested to manage the prison and products produced by the inmates.

Dipti Gurung, 35 of the prison complained that the inmates and detainees do not have any means of entertainment. They are having difficulties on passing their time. Another inmate Ashis Rana, 25 said that during rain fall they could not sleep due to the leaking roof. The daily allowance of Rs 45 and 700gm rice is not enough for them according to the inmates.

The monitoring team had discussed about the human right situation of the district with political parties, administration, police and representatives of civil society.


Dal Bahadur Majakoti