Health Services Affected, doctor’s post remains vacant

  August 6, 2018 By: INSEC

The health services of the District Hospital of Ilam has been affected due to the lack of health expert even after it was upgraded three years ago. The hospital was upgraded with 50 beds, three years ago.

There was post for 16 doctors along with nine experts after the hospital was upgraded however there is only one medical superintendent, three medical officers and one dental surgeon in the hospital. Other expert doctors are in leave affecting the even emergency health services. Patients are compelled to go to other hospitals outside the district.

Medical Superintendent Pawan Rayamajhi said that he is compelled to work almost 24 hours as no one is there to replace him. Not even one health expert is present in the hospital he said.

Out of 16 doctors along with nine health experts were posted and 14 posts are vacant according to information officer Rita Adhikari.

According to her, at least 200 patients are coming in a hospital OPD in a daily basis including 50-60 in an emergency services. Patients are facing severe difficulties.


Kokila Dhakal