Health Professional agitated, Health service affected

  June 30, 2018 By: INSEC

The health services of the district have been affected due to the agitation by the health professionals after they were deprived of salary ad allowance by the government. The agitation has affected 29 health organizations, 10 community health unit, one urban health center ad one primary health center of the district.

The health professionals had staged sit-in-protest in front of the District Administration Office on June 26 and demanded to provide them salary and allowance immediately.

The District Administration Office of Jumla had committed to address their demand until June 24 however no action was taken and they had to come again for the agitation according to the health professionals.

Health coordinator Mani Krishna Upadhyaya of Tatopani Rural Municipality warned that all health services will be stopped if their demand is not addressed. He accused government of demoralizing health professionals by not even providing their salaries.

As a first phase of agitation, they have already handed over a memorandum to the government drawing the attention.

Health professionals are claiming that they are in a financial crisis after the government failed to provide them their salary.


Man Datta Rawal