Health Official Crunch in Bajura District Hospital

  January 12, 2018 By: INSEC

There has been a serious shortage in health officials in the District Hospital of Bajura since 15 days. After one of the staff of the District Hospital gone for holiday, office helper Dil Bista is operating x-ray machine.

The post of x-ray operator is vacant since month after radiographer Bol Raj Acharya went on holiday and the machine is being operated by office helper according to chief Rup Chandra B.K of the hospital.

Dr Durga Maharjan of the hospital said that the problem started after dark room assistant Prabha Bhandary also left the hospital.

” The office helper is not well trained for x-ray and this is creating problem during the treatment of patient” said Dr Durga Maharjan of District Hospital.

In the District Hospital, there are 15-20 patients coming in a regular basis for X-ray. Dr Maharjan added that there will be no x-ray for serious ailment.

Office helper Bista can only do x-ray of normal ailment and for serious ailment he is not trained according to Maharjan.

Padam Singh