Govt. lawyers boycott hearings in protest of judge appointments

  January 22, 2017 By: INSEC

Government lawyers boycotted hearings at Supreme Court and other courts across the country on Sunday to protest what they claim the discrimination and biasness in the appointment of 80 judges in High Court recently according to RSS.
Government lawyers and four trade unions including authorised Trade Union of Civil Service Employees, Nepal Civil Service Employee’s Association, Nepal Civil Service Employees Union and National Employees Organisation Nepal have taken to the streets, demanding correction to the appointment.
Acting Chairman of the Government Lawyers’ Society, Narayan Poudel, said government lawyers stayed away during the hearings at courts across the country in protest of appointment of 80 judges.
AG’s solidarity to the protest
Meanwhile, Attorney General Raman Kumar Shrestha expressed solidarity with the protest, terming the appointment illegitimate move.
“Government lawyers have been discriminated in the appointment. The appointment process skips proportional system and inclusive provision,” Shrestha said.
Despite their efficiency and competence, government lawyers are not made judges, he further argued.


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