Government’s Intention to Re Provide Relief

  August 7, 2016 By: INSEC

The Ministry cabinet on August 5 has decided to present 1 million each to the victims’ families of those who were killed during Madhes agitation. However most of the families and injured have already been distributed millions during KP Oli led government according to the Home Ministry.

As per Home Ministry, 53 families of those who were killed during Madhes agitation were already distributed a million each. Four families did not get the relief due to various reasons according to the ministry source.

Most of the families have already received money during KP Oli’s tenure however some of them did not get the money due to the dispute on families on who to receive the money according to former minister of law, Agni Kharel

The Home Ministry said that 19 injured people have been already provided treatment costs.

The decision was made by cabinet on August 5 to provide treatment costs to the injured as per bill and forming of commission for the investigation on violent incident during an agitation. The Home Ministry has  been informed about the decision according to spokes person and vice prime minister Krishna Bahadur Mahara.

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