“Government suppressing while demanded for justice”- Discharged PLA

  November 12, 2016 By: INSEC

The Discharged People’s Liberation Army Nepal has accused government of trying to suppress a peaceful agitation by conspiracy.

Speaking at the press conference in Kathmandu on November 12, Lenin Bista, chairperson of DPLA accused government of suppressing the agitation and playing a conspiracy game of arresting the combatant with false charge.

He added that a serious question mark on Maoist party’s policy and principle has been raised. He said the party had forcefully admitted the children during the armed conflict and now they are adopting a policy of suppressing while asked for the justice.

Bista said that more than 75% of the combatant who were “stamped” as a disqualified was forcefully admitted by Maoist army during an armed conflict.

Vice chairman Khadga Ramtel of DPLA accused government of not addressing their demands. He said “ what about our human rights and child rights?”

He added that TRC must amend their act and include the issues of discharged PLA.

The discharge people’s liberation army Nepal has been protesting since November 7 with seven points demands.


Vibek Dhungana