Girls missing, suspicion of child trafficking

  January 11, 2019 By: INSEC

The victim’s families of two girls have lodged complaint at District Police Office of Rukum west and judicial committee of Musikot municipality giving the application for finding their whereabouts. The families are suspecting that they might have been the victim of child trafficking.

18 years old Tika Pariyar and  13 years old Neha Pariyar  were missing from the last October 27 . The victim’s family said that a person having a name  ,Deepu Magar, lured Tika for marriage and other girl for the site seeing in Kathmandu.

A complaint has been lodged at police and municipality on a suspicion of them being trafficked according to child rights officer Man Bir Oli of Musikot Municipality.

Police said that investigation of the incident is undergoing.

Manisha KC