Forty Seven Polling Centres in Achham Tagged as very sensitive

  June 2, 2017 By: INSEC

Forty seven polling centres of the district has been tagged as very sensitive and 66 of them are tagged as only sensitive for the scheduled second phase of local level election on June 28. The polling centres are divided into three levels for security analysis according to coordinator of District security committee and CDO Shankar Bahadur Bista.

The District security committee has categorized the sensitivity based on activities of political parties that are not participating the election, geographical remoteness and previous incidents.

Chief District Officer said that security has been tightened in the district after analyzing the security situation of 185 polling centres of the district.

In all 10 local levels of the district, temporary army camps, police, armed police and temporary police personnel have been mobilized according to CDO Bista.

In Achham district, there are 185 polling centres with 1,27,742 voters. CPN UML, Nepali Congress, RPP, CPN ML including 13 political parties have registered in District Election Office for the second phase of local level election.


Shiva Raj Dhungana