Former Prime minister Bhattarai Arrested from Sit-in-Protest

  April 2, 2017 By: INSEC

The coordinator of “Naya Shakti Party” and also a former prime minister Babu Ram Bhattarai including many otheres were arrested by the police on April 2 while staging a sit-n-protest in front of Election Commission in Kantipath.

The coordinator Bhattarai was arrested while staging sit-in-protest demanding the election sign. The arrested were former prime minister Bhattarai, parliamentarian Ganga Chaudhary, Maoist (revolutinarist) leader CP Gajurel, former minister Hisila Yami and Parshuram Tamang.

The leaders and cadres who were kept at Police club were forcefully taken out according to the Naya Shakti Party Siraha-Kathmandu coordinator Kiran Paswan. The expelled cadres and leaders chanted some slogan in front of the police club.

In the act 2073, section 26, there is a provision regarding election sign in local level election. This act has given a right to the election commission to determine and present election sign to the free candidate and political party. In sub-section 6 of section 26, it has been stated that only candidates from the national party will be provided with the election sign. The national party here is defined as  all 28 parties present in the parliament.


INSEC Regional Office of Kathmandu