Food Crisis in Dolpa Before The Initiation Of Festivals

  October 17, 2020 By: INSEC

Dolpa district is facing a food crisis just before the initiation of the festive season. There is a food crisis in Mudkechula, Jagadulla and Kaike villages of Dolpa and rural settlements of Tripura Sundari and Thulibheri municipalities.

Chairperson of Mudkechula Rural Municipality Ward No. 1 Bhanubhakta Bohara said that there has been a food crisis in the municipality since the last week of July. Bohara says that despite repeated letters to Food Management and Trading Company Limited Dolpa, the food supply has not been restored so far.

Though the tender opened for the new fiscal year was approved, the transportation was delayed due to lockdown, said Kamal Raj Pandey, head of food management and trading company Dolpa.

Pandey also said that the contractor in charge of transporting food to the affected areas has been pointed out as soon as possible as the rainy season has ended and the timber is also loose.

Similarly, there is an acute food crisis in Durgaun and Kandatali villages between Thulibheri Municipality, Ward No. 5 and 6, said Dharmalal Budha, Chairperson of Ward No. 6. Although the rice was supposed to arrive within the second week of August, it hasn’t arrived yet, he added.

The food management and trade company was forced to buy expensive rice available in the market as it could not get the rice provided in the transportation subsidy, said Jagdulla rural municipality-7’s Rimika Anka Rokaya.

Rice is transported from Kathmandu to Dolpobuddha and Charkatangsong villages, including Shey Foksundo village at the northern border point, via Kathmandu to Tibet via Lhasa.

According to the Food Management and Trading Company Limited, the food crisis in Upper Dolpa has continued for decades even after the border with China was closed due to COVID-19.

Temba Gurung, chairman of Dolpobuddha village, complained that despite a written request to the state government to transport food by helicopter as it is expensive and time-consuming to transport food on foot.

Chief District Officer Suresh Sunar informed the INSEC representative that all the people of Lower and Central Dolpa would get food by October 19/20 and arrangements would be made to deliver food to the upper Dolpa by helicopter.

Bishnu Prasad Devkota