Five Local Governments Completely and 72 out of 84 Wards of Local Governments of Baitadi District Vacant with the Ward Secretary

  November 7, 2019 By: INSEC

Out of the 84 wards of the Local Governments, 72 do not have secretaries in the wards office which caused serious problems to the local people in the district. There were no secretaries in any of the ward offices of Shivnath Rural Municipality, Pancheshwor Rural Municipality, Melauli Municipality and Sigas Rural Municipality. Out of 8 ward offices of the Suranya Rural Municipality, none of the ward has a secretary, said VDC chairperson Bir Bahadur Bista.

Local level representatives have said that the people have suffered due to the unavailability of ward secretary. Out the 10 wards of Patan Municipality, seven wards are without a secretary, said Chief Administrative Officer Kamal Singh Mahara. He said, “Even after demanding for a secretary many times, it has not been fulfilled. Chief Administration Officer Chandra Dev Joshi said that only one out of the seven wards of Dilashani Rural Municipality has a secretary in the ward. He said, “There is a lot of problem in the work without a secretary. The services that should be provided by the ward office to the locals is not being provided on time.”

Out the eight ward offices in Dogradedar Rural Municipality, only two wards have secretaries, said Assistant Ambadat Joshi. Only one of the ten wards offices of Porchaudi Municipality has a secretary in the ward office.  Deputy Chief of the municipality, Januki Bam, said that the technical assistants are operating the work in other wards. Narasimha Thapa, who is the secretary in the Dasharatchand Municipality, has said that there are only four secretaries in eleven wards. Locals complained that they approach to the Rural/municipality office for the work that should have been done easily in the ward offices.

The local Karan Chad of Shivnath Rural Municipality ward umber one complained that he has to go to the rural municipal center or another ward for general work due to the absence of secretary in the his ward office. Mohan Chand, a local of Pancheshwar Rural Municipality ward number 2, complained that he could not get the services and facilities from the ward office even after two years has passed since they have received the commitment for the ward office. The reintegration of the bureaucrats has also brought the problems in the locality because some staffs had moved elsewhere.

Nari Badu