Federal Government Instructs Local Government Not To Reconcile In The Cases Of Rape

  October 17, 2020 By: INSEC

The federal government has instructed all local levels to stop the act of reconciliation, saying that people’s representatives are involved in covering up heinous crimes like rape.

According to Basanta Adhikari, Joint Secretary and Spokesperson of the Ministry, the Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration has issued a circular to all local levels on October 15 instructing them not to compromise on heinous crimes such as rape.

He said that the federal government has been issuing a circular to control serious incidents. Spokesperson Adhikari said that all local levels have been asked to take necessary preventive and promotional measures to prevent rape.

The ministry has issued such a circular as the incidents of rape have not been brought forward in accordance with the law with the involvement of local people’s representatives in various local levels of the country.

Earlier, it was reported that reconciliation was made between the victims and perpetrators of rape in Dakneshwari Municipality-7 of Saptari. The victim had committed suicide after she was stopped from filing a complaint with the police.

After the incidents of the same nature became public, the Office of the Attorney General also expressed concern and wrote to the Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration to take promotional and preventive measures to stop such acts.

Bimala Poudel