Federal Alliance led by RJP publicizes their program of general strike

  June 11, 2017 By: INSEC

The Federal Alliance led by Rastriya Janta Party (RJP) publicizes their schedule for the general strike on June 11.

The federal alliance organizing a press conference on June 11 released a press statement and made public about their general strike program of torch rally, Lathi demonstration and other program with the objective of obstructing the second phase of election.

As per the announced program, on June 12, the party will organize torch rally in each headquarter, on June 13 and 14 in each village council, municipality and metropolis the party will do miking focusing against the local level election.

Similarly, on June 15, the party will organize demonstration in Chok, Haat and Bazar along with tribute to the martyrs.

On June 16, the party will organize the protest by padlocking the office in village council/municipality/sub-metropolis and metropolis and on June 17 and 18 it will demonstrate in all polling centres with martys photo.

On June 19 it will organize Lathi protest and will obstruct all election related activities from June 20 along with indefinite general strike according to the press release.


INSEC Regional Office, Kathmandu