Father arrested on charge of killing son with disability

  April 25, 2019 By: INSEC

Police have arrested 44 years old father Cuda Bahadur Regmi of Shailung Rural Municipality-4 on April 24 on charge of killing his 22 years old son Bed Bahadur Regmi with disability.

On April 24, a local informed about the body of a boy in a Khahare Khola and police had confirmed that the body is of Bed Bahadur Regmi.

While investigating the incident, police confirmed that the Regmi was killed by his father. He was arrested on a same day the body was recovered based on police investigation.

The investigation has revealed that he was killed by his father on charge of making dirty everywhere in the house. He was hit with a hammer by the father and his body was dumped in the river nearby according to police.

The postmortem of the body was conducted at Primary Health Center in Charikot.


Uddhav Pokhrel.