Farmers Facing Problems Due To Lack of Technical Services

  January 13, 2021 By: INSEC

Fifteen farmers of KI Singh rural municipality have complained that they are facing problems due to the non-availability of veterinary technical services.

Tara BK of KI Singh rural municipality -6, Phaledi complained that there was a problem in the treatment of the four-legged animals as there was no hearing when they requested the village agriculture branch for technical services.

Kalu Bhul of KI Singh rural municipality -3, Basudevi, complained that they could not get the service despite requesting to send technicians to the veterinary branch for treatment of cows and goats. Keshabaraj Awasthi, a farmer of Dumrakot, KI Singh rural municipality -1, said that they have been facing problems due to a lack of technical services for a long time. He said, “Technical services have not been available to the quadrupeds when they are sick.”

The answer is to bring the animals to the livestock branch. The road in the mountains is not good either which makes it difficult to bring the sick quadrupeds to the branch office.

Poultry trader and farmer Ram Prasad Awasthi of KI Singh rural municipality -4, Vayal complained that the farmers had to bear the loss due to delayed advice from the technicians. He said, “No matter how good the government is for the farmers, there is a problem in its implementation.

Even technical services are not available on time. We have to bear more losses than we can do in agriculture.

‘Keshabaraj Ojha, acting chief of KI Singh Village Veterinary Service Center, said that they could not go to all the wards on time due to lack of staff. He said, “We are providing as much service as we can.” Farmers are also called home for common problems. Due to lack of staff, they could not go on time. ‘Mina Bista, vice-chairperson of KI Singh rural municipality, said that the farmers could not get door-to-door service on time as they could not keep staff in all the seven wards.

Basudev Joshi