Family Members of Disappeared People Seek for justice

  August 29, 2017 By: INSEC

Chairperson Lokendra Mallik of Commission on Investigation of Disappearance People said that there is a lack of essential act and law to bring those involved in disappearing people during conflict era.

Mallik said that the commission is not being able to perform well due to the lack of laws, acts, manpower and time frame.

While speaking at the program organized jointly by Nepal Red-Cross society, ICRC and CIEDP on August 28 in Kathmandu to mark International Disappearance Day, Mallik said that the incident will be properly investigated and victims will be delivered with justice.

There has been more than 3000 complaints lodged at the commission. Out of it 111 complaints were repeatedly lodged according to him. He added that 228 incidents are not related with the armed conflict.

Chairperson Ram Kumar Bhandari of Disappearance Society Nepal warned that they will retaliate if their issues are not addressed.

Assistant secretary Sudarshan Dhakal of Peace and reconstruction ministry shared his experience on how family of disappearance might have been feeling saying that he was also disappeared for 104 days.

Treasurer Devendra Bahadur Pradhan of Red-Cross society said that human has right to live and Red-Cross is always working to protect this right of the people.

During the program, the victim’s family of disappeared people expressed their frustration over the commission and its working pattern. All victims demanded for the action against the guilt and expressed their frustration of delaying work of the commission.


Subash Shah