Expired and substandard food destroyed

  March 16, 2018 By: INSEC

The expired and substandard foods have been destroyed in Salyan district led by the assistant District Officer Shredhar Tandan team on March 16. The team had monitored the market and confiscated the substandard food.

The team had also urged not to sell substandard and expired food in the market.

The monitoring team had destroyed Century Curry Powder,Papad and other food stuffs in Khalanga Bazar after confiscating them.

Photo20180316SalyanMeanwhile, locals encouraged the team led by district administration office to monitor the market and urged to give continuity to it.

Every year on March 15, world consumer’s rights day is observed and locals suggested initiating such steps to control the selling of substandard food.

The constitution has provisioned the rights of consumers in act 44 however they are being cheated.


Meena Budathoki