Excavator vandalized by an unidentified party: Suspicious material disposed

  June 18, 2019 By: INSEC

An unidentified group of people have vandalized an excavator that was used for the construction of 86 megawatt Solu Khola-Dudhkoshi Hydropower in Solukhumbu District.

The excavator was set into fire by the party on the night of June 15 according to director Him Pathak of the project.

Similarly, a suspicious material was recovered 15 meters away from the hydro project and was disposed by the team of Nepal army according to the inspector Uttam Karki of District Police Office.

He added that an explosive was found inside the pressure cooker with the intention to detonate which was disposed by Nepal army. Meanwhile, police had arrested two people from the incident site in suspicion of their involvement, however they were released after an interrogation on June 17.


Bhoj Raj Karki