Sunday , 18th November 2018

Sunday , 18th November 2018

Engineer Misbehaved by YCL Cadres

March 20, 2017 By INSEC

The victim’s party of 45 years old sub- engineer Chandra Bahadur Khadka of building division office of Jumla accused that he was misbehaved by the YCL cadres inside his office on March 20 over the issue of contract.

He was misbehaved and beaten after the contract  was not given to the accused after the tender was called on March 19. They accused him of giving contract to other party against the law.

Engineer Khadka accused that he was misbehaved by the group of YCL cadres led by YCL central member Bishnu Bahadur Mahat,37 of Chanda Nath Municipality-8, Khatkhola. The victim sustained nose injury and undergoing treatment at Karnali Health institute.

DSP Guru Bishnu Kafle of DPO said that the search for the accused is underway.


Man Datta Rawal