Election Materials Transported in Khotang

  November 9, 2017 By: INSEC

The preparation for the upcoming HoR and State assembly election is expediting nationwide. Meanwhile, on November 9, an army chopper has transported the election materials in Khotang. The materials includes, ballot papers, ballot boxes, voter’s education materials, stamp pad, ink and other election related materials.


The District election officer Dinesh Khatri said that the election preparation is at final stage along with the transportation of election materials. There are 1,25,183 voters in Khotang district.

The election office of Khotang said that there will be polling through 179 polling centers in Khotang. Out of 136 polling stations of the district, 28 are categorized to be very sensitive based on security analysis.


The categorization is based on geographical proximity , security challenge, possible clash in polling centers, political heat and other irregular activities according to CDO Eek Dev Adhikari. There will be 1800 security personnel mobilized in Khotang during the election.


Sunita Magar