EC seeks clarification from Candidate

  November 9, 2017 By: INSEC

The Election Commission (EC) has sought a 24-hour clarification from CPN (UML) candidate of House of Representatives from Doti district Prem Bahadur Alemagar according to RSS.

The EC sought clarification from Alemagar based on information that he was distributing cash to the voters by violating election code of conduct. EC’s Assistant Spokesperson Mukunda Sharma said that Alemagar has been directed to furnish clarification stating why his candidacy should not be scrapped.
On a separate note, the EC has also stated that the political parties and candidates are supposed to take prior approval from the Chief Election Officers and Returning Officers if the political parties and candidates were to use the vehicles bearing foreign registration number plates.
EC’s Spokesperson Nabaraj Dhakal said that such a decision was taken to control the use of vehicles bearing foreign number plates during the election publicity campaigns.
Likewise, the EC has also decided to write to the Ministry of Home, Department of Customs and Department of Transport Management for the regulate, control and management of the vehicles with foreign number plates that are used in the publicity campaigns.