EC restricts two EU Observers from poll monitoring

  November 25, 2017 By: INSEC

The Election Commission (EC) has barred two international election observers from monitoring the upcoming elections quoting BBC Nepali service and RSS.

The decision to restrict them from poll observation follows after the complaint from chief election officer of Kanchanpur on Tuesday stating that the two European Union (EU) representatives violated the code of conduct enforced by the EC.

The poll body said the EU representatives in question violated their mandate of election observers.

EC Spokesperson Navaraj Dhakal said on Friday that the EC decided to bar the two EU observers from monitoring the elections as they were found to have entered the premises of Kanchanpur District Court and asked questions that is not under their jurisdiction. “A formal process to revoke their license to observe the elections has been moved forward through the diplomatic channel,” said Dhakal.

The EU mission in Kathmandu refused to respond to the Post’s query on the matter.

The EU, which set up its election observation mission on November 7, is mobilizing over 100 observers, the largest among the international observers, for the upcoming federal parliament and provincial elections scheduled for Sunday and December 7.

Other international observers are the Carter Center, Asian Network for Free Elections and Ankawa International.

Also on Friday, Chief Election Commissioner Ayodhee Prasad Yadav during a meeting with the delegates of the European Parliament told them that international observers should follow Nepal’s laws and the election code of conduct.

Kanchanpur Chief Election Officer Rajendra Kumar Acharya, who is also a judge at the district court, on Tuesday had recommended that two EU observers be barred from monitoring the elections, as they had violated the poll code of conduct.

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