Earthquake Victims Deprived of Grant Agreement

  August 10, 2016 By: INSEC

Earthquake victims of three VDCs in Nuwakot district were deprived of agreement despite of government’s processing of grant fund distribution to the victims.

They were deprived in grant fund distribution because the government has not made any policy to distribute the amount to the victims living in “Guthi” land. Most of the victims from remote VDCs such as Ghyangfedi, Shikharbesi and Lachyanng were deprived from the agreement.

Those victims living on Guthi land for a long time complained of not having land ownership certificate.

The VDC secretary Raju Adhikari said that due to this problem not even single victim could get grant agreement for making shelter. He further said that the problem will be solved as soon as government gives decision.

In Shikharbesi VDC 400 victim families could not get grant agreement according to technical assistant Rudra Prasad Bhattarai of VDC. Similarly in Lachyanng VDC 854 families were deprived as they are living on Guthi land.

Those victims are deprived from grant agreement due to the lack of timely decision by the government according to Lok Nath Regmi, chief of District Planning implementation unit.

Nawa Deep Shrestha