Dwellers of Pillariphant compelled to drink river water

  October 19, 2018 By: INSEC

Padam Sigh Dhami of Pillariphant at Shuklaphanta Municipality-8 is compelled to walk for one km to get river water for drinking.

Dhami is living there for the last 2 decades and he says that he cannot get water easily.

“May be you won’t believe that we are drinking polluted water from the last 2 decades and there is difficulties when the river water is not available during dry season”., He added that one person is always employed to transport water.

This village lies northern part and about 8 km away from the East-western highway and people living in this place are deprived of education, health , road connection and electricity.

There is only one primary school as a presence of state at Pillariphant. In Pillariphanta there are about 400 families living.

According to the mayor Dil Bahadur Aire of Shuklaphanta Municipality, a survey is undergoing from the District Water Office for the clean drinking water.

“The project of clean drinking water in Pillariphanta is made however practically it is not implemented”, he said.

There is a plan to provide electricity to the Pillariphanta dwellers however there are some process that has to be met

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