Dr Roop Chandra Bishwakarma Honored With 26th Prakash Human Rights Award

  July 31, 2020 By: INSEC

The 26th Prakash Human Rights Award-2076 BS is going to be presented to Dr. Roop Chandra Bishwakarma of Bajura on the occasion of the 28th Memorial Day of  late Prakash Kafle, Founder Secretary General of Informal Sector Service Centre (INSEC).



The declaration was made on the occasion of the 28th Prakash Memorial Day organized by INSEC in Kathmandu on 31 July.

INSEC’s Secretary General Rudra Bahadur Charmakar informed that the list of recommendations was prepared by INSEC’s provincial offices in seven provinces and the award selection committee of the central office had selected the awardee.

“It has been decided to award Roop Chandra Bishwakarma, a well-known personality dedicated to health care in Bajura district,” said General Secretary Charmakar.



He said that the award could not be given on 31 July this year due to the pandemic of corona virus infection.

INSEC’s founding member Dr. Badri Prasad Khatiwada said that the late Prakash Kafle had made great contributions for the development of human rights in Nepal.


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Human rights activist Ganesh BK said that the award-winning personality has contributed to the society and INSEC has recognized the work.


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