Dr KC Ends 22 days long Hunger strike

  December 4, 2016 By: INSEC


Dr Govinda KC who has been staging a hunger strike since 22 days has finally ended his strike on December 3, following 12 points agreement with the government.

He ended his hunger strike by taking a juice from earthquake victim one and half year old child Marsang Tamang of Sindhupalchok in front of media and well-wishers.

Speaking with media personnel after ending up his strike, Professor Dr KC clarified that his strike is not for a person but for a whole medical service and education sector. He reminded that such kind of strike may repeat in future if the medical sector is not kept out from politics.

He was admitted to ICU after his health condition deteriorates according to RSS. He was staging hunger strike since November 13 demanding the appointment of dean based on seniority and demanded for the suspension of recently appointed Dean Dr Singh, Including vice chancellor Dr Tirtha Khaniya.

The government has agreed to make legal draft while appointing officials and changing the structure of the organization.


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