Documentation for the protection and promotion of Human Rights: Executive Director Gautam

  June 30, 2018 By: INSEC

INSEC executive director Bijay Raj Gautam said that INSEC is documenting the incidents of human rights violation and atrocities for the protection and promotion of overall human rights of the country by making the state accountable.

Speaking at the interaction program organized by INSEC Kathmandu on June 20, he stressed on documentation of incidents of human rights violation.


He added that stakeholders and judiciary body of the government along with victims were benefitted because of the proper documentation of the armed conflict incidents by INSEC during conflict. He said that INSEC will improve the documenting process based on the recommendations and suggestions received from various stakeholders.

Director Yagya Prasad Adhikari of NHRC said that the Human Rights Year Book published by INSEC has helped for the study, research and investigation by making the state more sensible towards human rights.


He recommended that INSEC must campaign to raise the issues of person with disability, indigenous rights, environmental rights and crime victims.

INSEC Kathmandu coordinator Krishna Gautam said that the human rights year book cannot include all incidents however only human rights issues are included in this book. He added that recently, INSEC has been raising issues on ESC rights in the year book and said that INSEC will be focusing more on ESC rights in coming years.

Former chair of Amnesty International and human rights activist Pradeep Pokhrel praised INSEC for its contribution in human rights and social justice. He added that INSEC is the only organization that has been continuously publishing Human Rights Year Book. He said that the year book is useful resource in the field of human rights.

In the program documentation officer Raju Paswan presented the data of human rights violation within the six months period in six districts under the province 2 and 13 under the province 3. As per the documented incidents, 465 people were victims of human rights violation within the six months period. During this period 40 people including 18 women were killed by non-state actor.

Total of 210 women were victims during this period of which 38 were incidents of rape, 26 of attempted rape, 6 of allegation of being witch and 132 incidents of domestic violence. In this period, 15 women were killed by the family members.


INSEC has documented 139 incidents of child rights violation of which 82 were of rape, 40 of sexual abuse, 6 of trafficking and 4 of child marriage.

During this period seven people were victims of caste based discrimination according to INSEC.


INSEC Office,Kathmandu