NHRC urges not to obstruct the peaceful Mechi- Mahakali Campaign of UML.

  March 5, 2017 By: INSEC

National Human Rights Commission has urged the United Democratic Madhesi Front (UDMF) along with other political parties to stop the disrespectful behavior to political cadres since the activities contrary to human rights was found while they were engaged in peaceful political campaign and also urged to not to announce the program that will obstruct the pre-declared programs of other political parties.

Commission on March 5 issued a Press release stating-  ‘ Article 20 of Universal declaration of Human Rights 1966, Article 21 of International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights 1966 and Article 17 of Nepal’s Constitution has reserved the right to peaceful assembly without weapons and right to freedom of expression. It is the responsibility of every individual and group to respect these rights.

The Press Release also mentioned the recent incidents in which stones were pelted at a jeep carrying party leader and lawmaker Ranju Kumari Jha; some people were injured in a scuffle ensued between the UDMF cadres and police in Gaur a week ago; and UML Saptari district committee secretary Shambhu Yadav and joint-secretary Pratap Narayan Chaudhary were manhandled and were smeared with soot and their vehicle vandalized by the UDMF cadres on March 3, Rajbiraj 9 during UML’s ongoing Mechi-Mahakali Campaign.

Further, Human rights commission draws attention concerning the incident of February 26 where police and Madhesi Front activists clashed on the program organized at Gaur leaving the injured from both sides.

The press release signed by the spokesperson of Human rights Commission Mohana Ansari states that the activity of Madhesi Morcha is against the norms and values of human rights. The incident took place despite of having the peaceful way out to settle their different opinion. It was Madhesi Front activist’s objective to obstruct a predetermined program schedule of CPN (UML).

Any political body planning a public programme coinciding with a prescheduled programme of other political party in similar venue/location would never give a positive outcome, the press release added, recalling the violent incident that had occurred at Gaur of Rauthat in 2063 BS.

The commission has urged government to investigate the incident of Saptari and take action against the perpetrator to safeguard the citizen’s right and their freedom as well as to stop these sorts of activities in days to come to keep the social harmony intact.

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