Do not distribute fund until NA election :EC

  January 31, 2018 By: INSEC

The Election Commission (EC) has directed the Ministry of Home Affairs to not distribute financial aid until the conclusion of National Assembly (NA) election.

The commission said that the election code of conduct has already come into effect, the election body has also sent a letter to the Ministry of Finance requesting it to not release any fund as financial aid.

A meeting of the EC held on Wednesday has decided to send a letter to the Chief Secretary demanding details of the distribution of financial aid from the government.

According to EC assistant spokesperson Nawaraj Dhakal, the EC has decided to send a letter to the Office of Prime Minister and Council of Ministers after the Ministry of Home and Finance did not comply with the repeated directives of the EC to provide details of distribution of financial aid.

The election code of conduct for the NA election has come into effect from January 26.


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