Divorce rate increasing before the marital age!

  July 13, 2018 By: INSEC

The District Court of Salyan has said that there has been an increment of divorce rate in the society before reaching the marital age. District Court judge Madan Bahadur Dhami said that in the financial year 17/18, a total of 133 cases including 101 cases of divorce and 32 cases of divorce with partition of property were registered. He said that the age group are between 14 and 19.

” Most of them will be given a counseling, but they normally comes for divorce in an agreement so they don’t want to listen to us”, said Dhami. He added that 50 percent of those coming for divorce are children and their future will be in confusion.

He also said that after the divorce, the responsibility of baby will be of father and what happens later is not predictable. This will create psychological issues on them later. Dhami added that untimely affairs and marriage are the major reason behind this problem. District court judge Ganesh Kumar Gautam said that another major reason of divorce is foreign employment.


Meena Budathoki