District Attorney Office Vandalized, staffs misbehaved

  October 2, 2018 By: INSEC

The District Attorney office was vandalized and staffs were misbehaved on October 2 on charge of defying Bandh.

The cadres of Nepal Student’s Union have said that the office was vandalized as they defied the strike called on by the union demanding to publicize the name of the people involved in a killing of 13 years old Nirmala Panta after rape.

The agitators suddenly entered into the office and vandalized a Jeep with registration number BA2JHA2715, two computers and some doors on charge of defying the strike. The cadres misbehaved with the employees working in the office.  The office Driver Yagya Raj Joshi was man handled during the incident according to attorney Khem Raj Bhatta.

The vandalization has destroyed jeep, computers, glasses and doors of the office.  The District Police Office of Kanchanpur said that the accused involved are being searched.

Komal Niranjan Bhatt