District Administration Office Denies Issuing Citizenship Certificate in Mother’s Name

  November 20, 2016 By: INSEC


The constitution of Nepal has a provision to provide citizenship to the children in the name of their mother however it has been revealed that in Dhading district, the District Administration Office is lingering to provide citizenship certificate demanded by one woman since four months.

“ I am descendant of my mother, I do not know about my father. According to the constitution, citizenship can be issued in the name of mother. I have heard in radio that male and female have a same rights, then why they are not providing me a citizenship certificate”, says Sanu Thapa, 26 of Khari-6.

The victim woman said that she do not know about her father. Her mother has not revealed about their relationship. Sanu said, her mother is still alive and she has school certificates and birth registration certificate.

The women Rights activists of the district have claimed that she has all evidences to support to get the citizenship certificate.

Her application to get citizenship certificate is being pending for a long time. The District Administration office claimed that citizenship certificate cannot be issued at present because citizenship Act has not been amended yet. Branch officer Ram Mani Mishra of DAO said that the citizenship certificate is not issued in the name of Sanu Thapa because the descendant is not clear.

Mishra said that there are such problems with more than 30 people in the district. They will be issued a certificate only after the amendment of Citizen Certificate Act.


Sita Ram Adhikari