Detainees facing over crowd in Custody

  July 4, 2016 By: INSEC

The detainees of area police office of Kohalpur are facing space problem due to the overcrowding of custody.

The local peace committee during its monitoring on July 4 has found that there is only one custody room with overcrowded detainees according to former coordinator of local peace committee and INSEC regional coordinator, Bhola Mahat.

The construction of building without thinking of future necessity has created the problem, said DSP Suresh Prakash Kafle of Area Police Office. He added that the custody has capacity to accommodate only 15 detainees.

The detainees are facing problem on sleeping during hot season. There is lack of clean toilets according to the monitoring team. The building was built in support from peace ministry. The monitoring team included the members of local peace committee.


Binod Pandey