Demonstration demanding justice to Gangamaya

  February 2, 2017 By: INSEC

The rights activists have demonstrated infront of Prime Minister’s quarter on February 2 demanding the delivery of justice to Ganga Maya of Gorkha Phujel-7.

The activists while addressing the demonstration demanded to the government to deliver justice to the Ganga Maya as soon as possible as she is suffering from various infections.

Advocate and activist Indra Prasad Aryal accused government of disobeying the verdict of Supreme Court. He added that justice delayed is justice denied and demanded to ensure justice of all conflict victims.

Conflict victim Suman Adhikari drew the attention of the government saying that the work of transitional justice commission being very ineffective.

The then Maoist cadres had abducted and murdered Ganga Maya’s younger son in 2004, June 6 during armed conflict.


Vibek Dhungana