Demonstration against the recommendation of pardoning BalKrishna Dhungel

  May 27, 2018 By: INSEC

The conflict victims and human rights activists have demonstrated in Maitighar Mandela on May 27 against the recommendation of giving amnesty to murder convict Bal Krishna Dhungel. He was convicted of murdering Ujjan Shrestha during Maoist insurgency.

The program was organized by the conflict victim society and the human rights activist protested not to give amnesty to the convict of murder as it will be injustice to the conflict victims.

During the demonstration, conflict victim Sabitri Shrestha said that the recommendation of giving amnesty to the murderer (Bal Krishna) of her brother Ujjan will encourage the impunity in the country.

Human Rights activist Charan Prasai said that the amnesty must not be provided to the murder.

Former chairperson Suman Adhkari of conflict victim’s Chautari said that it is responsibility of the state to ensure rule of law and good governance and added that such amnesty will encourage impunity. The demonstrators were carrying different placards and protesting against amnesty to Dhungel. The District Administration Office has recommended for the amnesty to Dhungel on the republican day. Senior advocate Dr Dinesh Tripathi had lodged writ against the recommendation decision.


INSEC Office, Kathmandu