Demanding the action against the murderer of Gauchan

  October 10, 2017 By: INSEC

The Federation of Contractor’s Association has demanded the action against the murder of the chairperson Sharad Kumar Gauchan. The federation has demanded the Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba to takeaction against those involved in his murder.

A team of federation had reached the Prime Minister’s quarter in Balwataar and presented the memorandum to him.

While accepting the memorandum, Deuba assured that the culprits will be arrested and peace will be maintain in the country. He also said that the security will be made more tight after meeting with the security body.

The general secretary of the federation, Ram Sharan Deuja said that general strike will be called on nationwide in protest of the murder.

An unidentified group of people had shot dead, Gauchan on October 9 while he was on the way to the office in his vehicle with reg number Ba13Cha4948.

Various organizations have condemned the incident through press release and demanded for the action against those involved in the incident.

Nepal Trade and Commerce Federation, Nepal Chamber of Commerce and Federation of Contractors Association while releasing separate press statement have condemned the incident. Meanwhile, NHRC  has also drawn the attention of the government regarding the incident.


Suvash Shah