Demand With government to prioritize mental health

  July 6, 2016 By: INSEC

The participants of the interaction program held in Biratnagar on July 6 on “mental health , our concern” organised by NHRC regional office of Biratnagar stressed to put mental health sector in priority list.

The participants of the program said that mental patients stumbling in a street can be treated but government do not give attention to it. They complained government of not allocating budget for mental health and not passing mental health act. They further demanded free mental health treatment and services to the mental patients similar to that free dialysis to kidney patients.

Speaking at the program, NHRC regional director Kosh Raj Neupane complained government of neglecting this critical issue which actually falls under Human Rights.

Director Neupane said that mental health issues are taken negatively in society and patients are left unattended in street which has created further more problem. He added that the specialists in mental health are less than patients.

Ganesh Lamsal, center member of FNJ said that only 10 percent of the patients consult with doctors and rest of them are just left in the street or tied in their home. He added that those patients must get rescued from the state.

Chairperson Matrika Devkota of Kosish, working in this field, said that his organisation is rescuing, treating and re establishing such patients in their family however there are huge number of mental patients in a society and it is necessary for the state to search , rescue and treat them.


Indira Bhattarai