Demand to Amend Proposed Bill on Torture in Parliament

  September 1, 2016 By: INSEC

The Accountability Watch Committee and Democratic Freedom and Human Rights Organization have demanded to correct the proposed bill on torture in parliament. The demand was made during an interaction program on “Concerns of stakeholders on proposed bill against torture” held in Kathmandu on September 1.

Pitting his view during the program, INSEC chairperson Subodh Raj Pyakurel said that the present bill in the parliament is imperfect and needed a correction. He added that apart from government security personnel and Maoist, torture is prevailed in schools, person with disability and Dalit community.

Chiarperson Charan Prasai of AWC said that the program was organized with the intention that the issue will be discussed in the parliament. He added that the bill must follow international norms which are favorable to the victims.

Bhanubhakta Dhakal of CPN UML stressed on reliable legal system to minimize torture and said that bill must give a clear view on what kind of punishment should be given to the one convicted of torture.

He further said that in many cases victims are affected more mentally than physically in torture and there should be clear law on what type of legal treatment or reparation can be provided to the victims. He added that constant pressure and recommendations from rights activists to the government can play a vital role in amendment of bill.

Speaking at the program, attorney general Raman Shrestha said that government must implement bill on torture with international standard.

Member Madhavi Bhatta of TRC said that if government passes the same bill presented in the parliament, the commission cannot work as per the provision. She said that the bill do not cover the torture by non-state actors.

NHRC former member and political expert of President, Sushil Pyakurel stressed that law should be made so that it will have long term impact. He further stressed that the bill should be made addressing the past atrocities and Human Rights Violations so that such incident do not repeat in future.

The opposition party should also exert constant pressure on government and should give creative recommendations, he said.

While presenting a revised report of torture control bill, advocate Om Prakash Aryal said that torture should be maintained immediately as a criminal act and torture relating to conflict victims must be criminalized by implementing the bill on torture.

He added that act on crime committed by rebels; non-state officials along with state-actor must be amended. Torture being criminal act should not have alternative of compensation, Aryal said.

While commenting on report, advocate Govinda Bandi stressed that bill must follow international convention against torture. The international convention against torture should not be defined favorably

Vibek Dhungana