Demand Of Action Against Misbehaviour

  July 12, 2020 By: INSEC

On the basis of the news written about National Youth Association’s former chairperson Dipendra Shahi, Resham Bahadur Shahi; Executive Editor of Bheri Malika Daily was threatened  and misbehaved on 9 July 2020. The Federation of Nepalese Journalists, Jajarkot has expressed its disagreement against the incident.

In a united press statement released by the chairperson Bhim Bahadur Singh and Secretary Hemanta KC of The Federation of Nepalese Journalists, Jajarkot on 10 July 2020, they have warned the concerned party not to attack or misbehave with the journalist and suggested to seek for legal help if they are unsatisfied with the news. They have also demanded for action against those involved in the act of violence against the journalist.

According to the mayor of Bheri Municipality, Chandra Prakash Gharti, journalist Khadka was attacked after writing an article about titled ‘Youth Organisation Jajrkot’s Coordinator Shahi Under Police Custody’ on 24 April 2020. After writing this, on 25 April 2020, Khadga was misbehaved and attacked at Shanti Chautara.

Dinesh Kumar Shrestha