Death Of A Patient After Hospital Denied Treatment

  August 9, 2020 By: INSEC

Bishnu Lama, 20, of Chhapkaiya in Birgunj Metropolitan City-2 has lost her life in the morning of August 8 when various hospitals in Birgunj refused to admit her for treatment. Bishnu’s neighbour Ajit Bhujel has blamed those hospitals for her death.

The deceased Bishnu Lama was living alone with her four-year-old daughter.

Ajit Bhujel, the chairperson of the Consumer Benefit Protection Forum Birgunj Metropolitan Committee, said that the deceased had been suffering from fever since August 5.

According to him, she was cured after taking the common fever medicine at home, later on, August 7 the fever reoccurred after which she was taken to the hospital but no hospital agreed to admit her.

Bhujel said that Lama was initially taken to the Advance Hospital in Birgunj for treatment but they refused taking her after which she was taken to Terai Hospital, Bhavani Hospital, Vayodha Hospital and National Medical College Teaching Hospital but all of them refused to admit her.

Janata Samajwadi Party Parsa Secretary Tavrej Ahmed said that the hospital she was taken to Narayani Hospital and they referred her to Birgunj Health Care hospital which is the temporary COVID hospital.

Bhujel said that the Health Care Hospital refused to admit her saying that it would only treat those who had confirmed COVID.

According to Bhujel, JSP Parsa Secretary Ahmed called Dr. Uday Narayan Singh, coordinator of Gandak COVID Hospital affiliated to Narayani Hospital and told him about the condition of the patient. After which, Singh had asked them to bring her to that hospital.

Lama was dead immediately after her admission. The deceased was a patient of the thyroid and had a slight fever from past three days.

The hospital has collected her swab for corona test.

Earlier, the District Administration Office, Parsa had written to all private hospitals instructing them not to return any patient without treatment.

Krishna Chandra Lamichhane