Death In Prison During Treatment

  May 8, 2020 By: INSEC

Sita Ram Baisya (61) of Nepalgunj Municipality-4, staying as an inmate of Banke Prison has lost his life during treatment.

According to Jailer Devendra Shrestha, Baisya was being treated at Bheri Hospital. He was sentenced for five years by the district court and has been in the prison since 2016. He was imprisoned in the case of drugs.

The demised was the patient of diabetes and jaundice. He was being treated in the Bheri hospital from 2 May 2020, added Jailer Shrestha.

According to the Medical Superintendent of Bheri Hospital; Dr Prakash Thapa, post-mortem of the body was not conducted as the cause of his death were the long-termed diseases that he had. The corpse has been handed over to the family.

Smriti Devkota