Dearth of medicines in health posts

  December 22, 2016 By: INSEC

Lack of medicines in district health posts was found. District Health Office was unable to provide medicine to health posts due to a lack of medicine.

Primary health centers and health posts in rural areas has been distributing 58 and 35 different types of medicines free of cost respectively, but even those important medicines are not available since few days.

Recently medicines like aspirin, iron capsule, Oral Rehydrant are in shortage. 70 kinds of medicines are delivered by District Hospital but only 51 of them are available.

Incharge of Jamune health post Tilakraj  Ghimire said, the patients could not get medicine due to  lack of it. He said, patients are forced to live in shortage while INSEC on December 22 went to visit Jamune health post.

The medicine that are to be provided free of cost to patients are not delivered from Centre to district hospital and health post. Recently, the district health office has managed the medicines for maximum two months with district budget.

Head of District Health Office, Dr. Pawan Jung Rayamajhi said, the medicines are managed for maximum of two months from the budget of district itself which will be delivered to health post in few days.

However, the district will suffer the shortage if the center is unable to complete the process of purchasing medicine within two months. 70 different types of medicine are to be delivered free of cost among which only 51 of them are being distributed, said Dr. Rayamajhi.

70 percent of medicine from center, 20 percent from region and 10 percent from district should be made available. But the center has not sent any medicine from 2 years, said Dr. Rayamajhi.

Prakash Chandra Bhattarai