Dalit restricted in Tripura Temple

  April 23, 2019 By: INSEC

A complaint against ward chairman Bishnu Bhakta Shrestha,65 of Tripurasunderi Rural Municipality-5, Tauthali and a priest Bhairab Shrestha,62 has been lodged at Police Post of Piscar on April 21 by 41 years old Prem Kusule, 35 years old Mohan Kusule, 35 years old Anju Kapali and 39 years old Bal Kumar Kami on charge of not letting them enter into the Tripurasundari Mai Temple for worship.

A ritual program was organized in the temple by ward office and the victim’s have complained that they were not allowed to enter into the temple premises just because of being from Dalit community.

There was a dispute between Dalit community and ward chair after they attempted to enter into the temple premises for worshiping.  Police from Area Police Office of Piscar reached the disputing site however no action was taken by them according to victims.


Nati Babu Dhital